July 1, 2021

Latest company news about JIN MACHINE in CHINAPLAS 2019 NEW PRODUCTS Approach


Jin Machine is a modern family-owned enterprise, remaining the spirit of R & D. For more than 12 years constant research and development, Jin Machine can offer a full range of quality ancillary equipment, including feeding, conveying, mixing and drying systems from standalone individual units up to very large complex central material handling systems. Our systems stand out for low energy consumption and excellent performance.
This year, we cordially invite you/your company to visit our booth (Booth Number: 3.2D11) at CHINAPLAS 2019, which will be held on 21-24 May 2019 at China Import & Export Fair Complex, Pazhou, Guangzhou, PR China.
As well as Dehumidifying Dryer and Central Conveying System, we will exhibit two new products, PET/PLA crystallizer and Automatic Manifolds.


latest company news about JIN MACHINE in CHINAPLAS 2019 NEW PRODUCTS Approach  0


Our Products:

PET/PLA crystallizer (NEW Product!)

Intelligent control crystallization process of PET or PLA,to ensure the

crystallization quality of raw materials, remove moisture on the surface of raw materials, increase viscosity, avoid clumping,and further processing can then continue.
Automatic Manifolds(NEW Product!)

According to the formula, fully automatic material selection, feeding, and batching, thus ensuring a very efficient and reliable easy-to-control automation system and reduce labor costs.
Dehumidifying Dryer

Our Dehumidifying Dryer can automatically adjust the control parameters according to various temperature changes, such as material temperature and air temperature, so as to achieve intelligent control, improve efficiency and save energy.

Our Dryer is applicable dehumidification of all kinds of engineering plastic granules and pellets, for various plastic granulation production lines, extrusion production lines and injection molding production lines.
Central Conveying System

Jin Machine Central Conveying System is a complete transport solution (pipelines, vaccuum generators, safety solutions) for material conveying through all stages of processing such as storage, drying and injection all over customers' plant.